All that is Best of Dark and Light

by Byron Birdsall
oil on canvas 30 x 24

Byron Birdsall was one of Alaska’s most prolific working artists. He and his wife travelled the world on the strength of their education degrees, first in East Africa, then through India and Asia before returning to Seattle. Byron painted what he saw and developed his style throughout their years of world travel, focusing on the light, color, and substance of subjects as varied as trees, monuments, beaches and city views. They eventually moved to Anchorage where Byron worked as a creative director for an advertising agency. He finally quit to paint full time, incorporating the many influences he had absorbed during their travels into a unique style that is instantly recognizable.

In 1992 Byron designed a U.S. postage stamp commemorating the building of the Alaska-Canada highway.

He was appointed to the American Academy in Rome, where he worked and painted for three months in 2005.

"All that is Best of Dark and Light" - Byron Birdsall